About us

We’re cheeky and we might take the piss. There’s a lot of piss to be taken these days. We’re just doing our bit.

We’re actually nice people, though. Wanna hang out? You know where to find us. j/k. You probably actually don’t.

We’re not for everyone. But you probably aren’t, either.

Up Your Mountain was founded in 2018 and is based in Point Chevalier, New Zealand.

Some Ethical Shirts

It’s 2018. We can’t not make ethical shirts. There’s lots of people involved, from the people who grow the cotton to the people who run our website. We want everyone to get a good deal.

That means you’ll be getting a good deal too.

All our shirts are made from 100% fair trade organic cotton, grown and sewn in India, and screenprinted in the USA.

Global Organic Textile Standard - GOTS - Organic - Certified by Onecert - ONE1853


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