Privacy policy

Privacy when using our website

Web server logs

Your IP address, the pages you visit, and the time you visit them, are recorded in logs. These logs will be kept for 90 days. These logs will be made available to third parties, such as your ISP, only as necessary to run our website and to mitigate abuse (such as may be caused by a computer infected with malware).


We do not use third party analytics or tracking software to record your interactions with our website.

We use an open-source analytics package running on our own server to collect information about how visitors use our website.

The following information is collected:

We use this information to improve our website, for example by keeping track of which pages are the most popular, or which kinds of computers or smartphones people are using to view our website.

This information will not be sold or otherwise disclosed to third parties. It will not be used to show you advertisements and does not effect the prices shown to you on our website.

Individual user information may be kept for up to 90 days. Summary information, such as how many people visit our website each month, may be kept for up to three years.

If your Web browser sends a Do Not Track header, your usage of our website will not be recorded in the analytics database.

Privacy when contacting us by email

When you send an email to us, or receive an email from us, messages will be transmitted via our email provider, Runbox Solutions AS, Norway, as well as via your own email provider.

We will disclose neither email addresses nor contents of emails to third parties except as necessary to process orders and respond to customer enquiries.

Emails we send and receive may be kept by us for up to three years.

Privacy when ordering from us

When you place an order with us, we will use the personal information you provide to us only as necessary to process this order. In addition, your IP address will be recorded with your order. Your name, telephone number, and shipping address will be disclosed to our delivery agent, SweetSpot Group Ltd., New Zealand, and its providers for the sole purpose of shipping items. Your billing details will be disclosed to our financial processing agents. If you pay by credit card, your credit card number and verification is transmitted directly to our payment gateway. Hence, we do not retain any credit card information.

Depending on the payment method you use, your billing details may be disclosed to the following parties:

Information about your order will be kept for seven years, as required by New Zealand tax law.

Privacy when creating an account with us

When you place an order, you may, if you wish, create an account with us. This is completely optional. If you create an account, your contact details, including billing and shipping addresses will be stored so that you do not need to enter them again next time you make an order. If you create an account, your account details will be stored indefinitely, unless you delete your account, which you may do at any time. If you delete your account, it is removed immediately. If you place an order using your account, your order information will be used and retained to process your order as described above, even if you delete your account.